Hi, my name is Benny Kosman. I grew up in Israel and moved to New York City in 2013.

B VRelocating to another country was an exciting transition for me. I immediately felt compelled to experiment; experience new food and music, learn new skills, interact with people from different cultures, and challenge my entire lifestyle. And what place more suitable than NYC – an urban showcase of anything that any human civilization presently has to offer. Having NYC as the backdrop serves to amplify the desire to improve and to experiment. Hence – my blog.

My goal with this blog is to express my thoughts about things that I am passionate about, such as Economics, Urbanism and Film both in the US and in Israel.

My wife Keren is a PhD student at Columbia University’s Earth and Environmental Science department. For a fascinating glimpse into her research, a stunning photo gallery, and the best NYC culinary guide – guaranteed! – I encourage you to visit her website www.kerenmezuman.com

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to reach out through the contact me page.